Midwest Region NASA AI/X CMC Race April 15 & 16th 2006

The 1st race weekend of 2006 for the Midwest Region started off with incredible April weather with 75 degrees and lots of sunburned racers on Saturday night. The Saturday qualifying session had Buddy Cisar on the AIX Pole with a time of 1:22.048. The AI was snatched up by Brain Groth with a 1:20.112.

The race started off Brian Groth & Bob Denton on the front row going into turn one. Denton out braked Brian going into turn one on the outside and took the lead. Brian followed closely behind, but could not quite hang with Bob and all his experience at Blackhawk Farms. Sidney Franklin and Bryan White battled closely for the entire race until Sidney suffered from a transmission failure causing him to drop back.

Dave Algozine, Jeff Henderson and Chris Griswold all started from the back of the field due to no qualifying times. Dave climbed all the way back up to 4th in AI, and Jeff ended up 5th with fuel pressure issues.

The AIX race had Buddy Cisar with a non-contact spin in turn one lap one, recovered and continued on to a second place finish. Steve Post continued to have water pump problems and pulled off after 6 laps. Chris Griswold eventually gained enough confidence in the new braking system to work his way through the field to take the AIX and overall win. The first event for NASA would give the track records to Bob Denton in AI with a personal best 1:19.893 and Chris Griswold in AIX at 1:17.379 as the weather for Sunday did not cooperate very much to better the records.

Saturday Race Results AIX

Chris Griswold

Buddy Cisar

Steve Post

Saturday Race Results AI

Bob Denton

Brian Groth

Bryan White

David Algozine

Jeff Henderson

Bill Collins

Thomas Fuehrer

Sidney Franklin

Easter Sunday saw a wet but drying qualifying session which again landed Brian Groth on the AI pole. Chris Griswold made in to qualifying on Sunday and took the AIX pole position. Due to family obligations, Bob Denton would leave the remaining AI regulars to battle for the points.

The race started cleanly with very wet conditions and large puddles in a few turns and on some straightaways. Griswold took off to an early lead followed closely by Algozine who got by Groth at the start as the two of them pulled away from the field in the wet conditions. Griswold took the overall win with Dave Algozine taking the AI win. Jeff Henderson also moved up in the race to a second place finish just a few seconds behind Algozine at the line.

Sunday Race Results AIX

1. Chris Griswold

2. Buddy Cisar

Sunday Race Results AI

1. David Algozine

2. Jeff Henderson

3. Bryan White

4. Thomas Fuehrer

5. Bill Collins

6. Brian Groth

I would like to thank all the Midwest competitors for an incredible weekend of racing. The entire weekend only had a few "offs" even in the adverse conditions on Sunday with the rainstorms. Everyone did a great job with no metal to metal contact and some awesome racing. The weekend had many new competitors from a variety of areas and I am sure the remaining events will continue to keep the region growing. The competition school turnout was great and we are looking forward to racing with a new crop of racers. What a great start to the racing season! We will see you all at Putnam Park next month at the combine region event with the Ohio-Indiana Region.


Chris Griswold

NASA AI/X & CMC Director - Midwest Region

#17 AIX



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