Going onto the banking.

Check out the Spectators!

Going through the Tri-Oval

Jeff following me into the esses after the backstretch

Pulling off track after a session.

Tight left hander (turn 2)

Jeff going into turn 4.

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The Nashville pictures are from the 40th Mustang Anniversary at Nashville Superspeedway in Nashville Tennessee.  The track layout ducked into the infield after the tri-oval, before turn one.  We then did a tight left hand hairpin turn, a few left-right esses, and then back onto the banking on the backstretch. We then did some hard braking, into a left hand turn back into the infield, a couple right handers, a fairly tight left hander, and then followed the access road all the way to Nascar turn four, inside of the banking.  We then transitioned onto the banking out of turn four at about 90 mph, through the tri-oval, reaching a top speed of 155 mph into the braking zone for turn one.  We used this track time as a "breaking in" period for the new motor.  Everything ran great, quite an accomplishment with all the changes from the previous year.

Jeff Henderson also made the trip, and brought his white and blue Mustang out for some hot laps.