Midwest & Ohio/Indiana Region Race Report Putnam Park Indiana October 8th & 9th, 2005


The weekend started off a little cool with a chilly breeze, but ended up to be in the mid sixties by Sunday afternoon.  The weather ended up to produce some very large horsepower with the cool dry air which laid the ground work for some very quick lap times.  The attendance at the event was the largest all year for Putnam Park, with over 500 people passing through the gate over the two day event. The dual region quad race weekend combined the Midwest & Ohio/Indiana regions for the first time ever. 


The four race weekend started out with a qualifying session that had the Robin Burnett 2005 Steeda Mustang with the AI pole and Chris Griswold with the AIX pole in his Maximum Motorsports / DSS Racing Mustang. The qualifying results were as follows:


AIX Position / Best lap Qualifying – Day 1

1. Chris Griswold                  1:14.282                                 

2. Greg Brown                       1:15.441

3. Mickey Remen                  1:17.536

4. Stan Berry                         1:25.482

5. Ed Molitor                         1:27.874


AI Position / Best lap Qualifying

1. Robin Burnett                   1:17.789

2. Brian Groth                        1:18.691

3. Bob Denton                      1:18.691

4. Jason Andrew                  1:18.808

5. Richard Cranston             1:19.001

6. Matt Erickson                   1:20.006

7. Sidney Franklin                1:20.706

8. Dave Algozine                  1:20.846

9. Eric Jensen                        1:20.892

10. Dean Smeltzer 1:20.985

11. Jeff Feit                            1:21.497

12. Jeff Henderson               1:23.037

13. Marc Ruhling                  1:23.153

14. Bryan White                   1:24.186

15. Tom Schneidau              1:25.966

16. Ted Schwartz                  1:30.980

17. John Mouvery                1:39.094



Race one started with Griswold jumping out to an early lead followed by Brown and Remen in AIX. Brown dropped out early on lap two with a mechanical issue, surrendering 2nd place in AIX to Remen, who would also have trouble towards the end of the race.  Griswold checked out, but some great racing was going on behind the leading AIX cars. Burnett grabbed the lead into turn one AI followed closely by Andrews, Denton and Groth. Burnett managed to get lapped traffic between him and Andrews which gave him a cushion to take the win in AI.  Andrews would end up with fastest race lap which would give him four pole points for race two in the afternoon.  Denton, Groth and Cranston finished 3rd, 4th & 5th respectively with just seven tenths of a second between all three positions at the line. Jensen took 6th, Algozine and Erickson battled as they have all year for 7th and 8th.  The entire AI results are as follows.


AIX Position / Best lap – Race 1

1. Chris Griswold                  1:14.507

2. Stan Berry                         1:22.972

3. Edwin Molitor                   1:26.724

4. Michael Remen 1:18.676

5. Greg Brown                       1:18.313


AI position / Best lap – Race 1

1. Robin Burnett                   1:18.110

2. Jason Andrews                                1:18.062

3. Bob Denton                      1:18.161

4. Brian Groth                        1:18.962

5. Richard Cranston             1:19.197

6. Eric Jenson                        1:19.738

7. David Algozine                1:19.851

8. Matt Erickson                   1:19.334

9. Dean Smeltzer                   1:20.482

10. Jeff Feit                            1:22.106

11. Sidney Franklin              1:21.417

12. Jeff Henderson               1:21.665

13. Mark Ruhling                  1:21.078

14. Bryan White                   1:23.189

15. Tom Scheidau 1:22.145

16. Ted Schwartz                  1:22.960

17. John Mouvery                1:34.997


Race two grid was set by race one finishing position. Due to attrition, the grid had Griswold at the point, with Burnett along side in row one. The green flag dropped and Griswold again took off to gap the field leaving Burnett to fend off Andrews into turn one.  Burnett made it stick into turn 2 and again managed to create and maintain a gap over Andrews.  Burnett would rip off the AI fast lap of the weekend in the race at 1:17.017, a new AI track record. Denton, Groth and Erickson again battled throughout the race with Denton edging out Groth by only two tenths of a second at the line for a 3rd place finish.  Griswold laid down a 1:13.901 on lap three to set a fast lap for the weekend and a new track record for AIX.  A shock would separate on Griswold’s Mustang on the last lap depositing a rear coil-over spring on the track, forcing him to limp around for the last few corners still taking the overall win. The damage would take Griswold out for the rest of the weekend due to damage to his driveshaft from the incident. The race win gave Chris Griswold the Inaugural Midwest Region AIX championship title.  The final race results are as follows:


AIX position / Best lap – Race 2

1. Griswold            1:13.901

2. Remen                1:18.073

3. Berry                  mechanical

4. Molitor               no-time


AI Position / Best lap – Race 2

1. Burnett               1:17.017

2. Andrews            1:18.209

3. Denton               1:18.223

4. Groth                  1:18.521

5. Cranston            1:18.805

6. Jensen                1:20.118

7. Algozine            1:20.274

8. Erickson             1:20.436

9. Smeltzer             1:20.542

10. Franklin            1:21.013

11. Feit                   1:20.384

12. Schneidau       1:20.871

13. Henderson      1:21.159

14. Ruhling            1:21.466

15. Mouvery         1:31.385

16. Schwartz          1:24.598

17. White               1:24.161


Day two had Greg Brown on pole in AIX at 1:15.544, but would need to start the race in back with a friend’s borrowed supercharged Mustang due to mechanical gremlins creeping up again in qualifying.  Burnett would again have the AI pole laying down a 1:17.772. Race three started clean with Remen taking the lead, followed by Burnett, Andrew and Cranston.  The Midwest points battle was extremely close between the top four runners, Bob Denton, Brian Groth, David Algozine and Matt Erickson all separated by less than 30 points.  They would also have some great battles on the track, as Groth and Denton would be just behind the lead pack battling for position throughout the race.  Denton would end up edging out Groth for position in the race for 3rd place, but would later fail the post race dyno check and end up with a DQ.  Groth would also have trouble late in the race as he received a black flag for his hood pin breaking which caused him to come into the pits with only 2 laps to go.  His crew took off the hood and sent him back out, but finished 11th due to the pit stop.  David Algozine finished 3rd, making for an extremely tight final season battle for points in the last race of the season in the Midwest Region.  Back up front in AIX; Remen was being reeled in by Brown throughout the entire race in his borrowed supercharged Mustang.  The battle would come down to the last corner, were Brown got just a bit sideways out of turn ten loosing momentum just enough for Mickey Remen to hold him off by three feet at the line taking his first win of the season.  Awesome finish! Burnett held of Cranston and Andrews for the AI win, clinching the Ohio/Indiana AI title. Congratulations Robin!


AIX Position /Best lap - Race 3

1. Remen                1:17.575

2. Brown                1:15.829

3. Cranston            1:18.047

4. Schings              1:21.770


AI Position / Best Lap - Race 3

1. Burnett               1:17.819

2. Andrew              1:18.957

3. Algozine            1:20.528

4. Feit                     1:20.448

5. Jensen                1:20.669

6. Henderson        1:21.275

7. Erickson             1:20.674

8. Ruhling              1:21.616

9. Franklin              1:21.596

10. Smeltzer           1:22.913

11. Groth                1:19.036

12. Collins              1:24.685

13. Mouvery         1:29.715

14. Denton             1:19.848 * DQ Dyno


Race four was setup to be a battle for the Inaugural Midwest Region AI Championship.  Brian Groth went into the race with a 25 point lead, followed by Algozine, Erickson and Denton only 29 points behind.  Groth and Denton both started at the back due to the race three results, which proved to add a lot of excitement for the final race of the season.  The drop of the green had Brown in the lead, followed by Remen.  Burnett and Andrews covered the AI 1st and 2nd positions.  That is pretty much how they stayed up front, but the real battles were in the back as Groth and Denton carved through the field from the back, constantly nose to tail with Denton showing his nose a couple of times on Groth.  The duo would have the hardest fought battle of the season as they both worked their way to the front.  Henderson, Feit, Erickson and Franklin had a great battle of their own as the foursome was also nose to tail for the entire race.  Groth and Denton made there way up to 4th & fifth behind Algozine, but would go no further as Algozine had enough car to hold them off for third place at the end of the race.  The 4th place finish was enough for Brian Groth to clinch the first Midwest Region AI championship. Congratulations Brian!



AIX position / Best lap – Race 4

1. Brown                1:15.734

2. Cranston            1:18.101

3. Remen                1:18.256


AI position / Best lap – Race 4

1. Burnett               1:18.187

2. Andrew              1:18.269

3. Algozine            1:20.246

4. Groth                  1:19.827

5. Denton               1:19.848

6. Henderson        1:21.364

7. Feit                     1:21.291

8. Erickson             1:21.262

9. Franklin              1:21.281

10. Smeltzer           1:20.357

11. Ruhling            1:22.135

12. Collins              1:24.438

13. Mouvery         1:28.404


The season points for the Midwest Region:

AIX / Points after 2 drops

1. Griswold            809

2. Fetzer                 374

3. Cranston            175

4. Post                    135

5. Venhaus            90

6. Borton                85

7. Mansier             50

8. Whitehead        47

9. Behrendt            45


AI / Points after 2 drops

1. Groth                  677

2. Algozine            648

3. Erickson             646

4. Denton               639

5. Franklin              575

6. Henderson        564

7. White                 498

8. Herzog               240

9. Cranston            223

10. Benoit              189

11. McElwrath       34


I would like to thank all the competitors who came out for some awesome American Iron racing this year in the Midwest region.  This region had some great racing all year long.  Next year will be even better with more competitors and a National Championship at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course next year in September. Check out www.nasanationals.com for more information. I can’t wait!


Chris Griswold

Midwest Region AI Director

#17 AIX

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